Problems with updating Survey Solutions

Some of the users have reported the inability to update the Interviewer app from within the application.

The symptom that we observe in this case is that after the download of the newer version successfully completes the Android OS doesn’t ask for confirmation that the user indeed wants to update the application. Instead the application restarts and the older version opens (with or without any error message).

If this happens and you need to update the Interviewer App, then:

  • Download the Interviewer App from the homepage of the server to which the Interviewer is sending the data;
  • Install the new version of the Interviewer on top of the existing Interviewer App (without uninstalling the existing Interviewer App!)

Uninstalling the existing version of the Interviewer App this will simultaneously erase all the unsynchronized data. This is almost certainly NOT what you want to happen.

We are investigating individual reports on this issue.

When contacting support with regards to this issue please mention all of the below information:

  • exact brand and model of the tablet;
  • exact version of the Android OS;
  • exact version of the Survey Solutions Interviewer App installed;
  • exact name of the server from which you are receiving updates;
  • exact login name of the interviewer experiencing the issue;
  • relevant security settings on the tablet and updates settings as set up by the admin of the server.

Thank you, Sergiy

To all users who are updating to Survey Solutions v19.07.4:

After receiving the update log the interviewer out, close the application, then restart the application, log back in and continue working as usual.

This seems to be needed only once immediately after receiving the update.

Without doing this the following issue may occur: