Problems with the new version of supervisor app

Dear colleagues,
With the new version of supervisor app, when you synchronize vertically, it stop when “checking for intervewer error”. It does not go to the end so does download the updates for the interviewer app and this is causing problem.
I used the demo server and test it with three different tablets.
With regards

Dear Mballo,

  1. I don’t understand the description. Are you describing a communication error between the supervisor tablet and the server?

“It does not go to the end so does download the updates for the interviewer app”
So it does or doesn’t?

  1. the demo server was updated yesterday to the new version of Survey Solutions v19.10 and was temporarily unavailable during this update. Don’t know if this is related.

Best, Sergiy

Dear Sergiy,

The problem when you synchronize vertically, with the supervisor app, the operation stops at a certain level. It gets the assignments but does not go until the checking of new version of the interviewer app. Hence, the interviewers have to update independently their apps.

Normally the supervisor app should look for and download the interviewer app that the interviews will use once their synchronize horizantally with the supervisor.

See the pictures attached. This error come right after it says “checking for interviews errors”

With regards

Survey Solutions program has determined that it needs to do steps A,B,C to synchronize.
It completed A, failed at doing B.

So, investigate why it failed to do B, rather than speculate whether C is possible given than B failed.

Dear Sergiy,
Could you help to identify the problem. I don’t know whether it is us or not. It was working the day before the update of the supervisor app. The synchronization is failing at a certain step.
I think it is nicer to try to help and give guidance if any.
With regards

My very limited understanding of Portuguese tells me that

  1. the synchronization has failed;
  2. that the program couldn’t determine the reason for that (unexpected exception) and
  3. that it hopes the next try may be successful. Hence, please try again. Perhaps, reboot and try again.

The following page contains hints for interviewer synchronization problems:

Who has updated what to what? when and how? From which version to which version? Any error messages on the way? What else has changed? What is it that you are doing today differently then yesterday? Does the problem affect only one device? Some devices? All devices? Any information at all to work with?

I can’t deduce anything from a screenshot saying “unknown error”.