Problems when Importing Questionnaire to HQ


I am coming back to Eugene Eulers question on the problems with importing the questionnaire template. We have set up our local server and installed the HW 18.04. version. When we try to import the questionnaire it keeps saying “Processing” after we enter our login credentials.

I tried to follow the instructions that you put to Eugene and change the “desigenr adress” to “https://designer”

Is there anything in particular that I have to observe. What App/Program is recommended to use to change the paramater?


Your server needs to be whitelisted on our designer to be able to import questionnaires. Please provide your server IP to be whitelisted. Before that, submit the registration form.

Dear Dorina,

Please fill “the form”: for the server request.

Please be considerate to the costs of supporting cloud servers that the World Bank incurs. While we provide servers to most our users from developing countries for free, the servers are not free for the World Bank. We ask you to plan your work with this in mind. Please tell us for how long you need a cloud server and try to stick to that schedule as much as you can. Do not let the servers run idle.When you finish your survey and do not need your server anymore, inform us about it.

We provide cloud servers for up to 5 months. If you expect the data collection to last longer than 5 months, you will need to agree with us on the time when your tablets can be upgraded. If you would like to use Survey Solutions for several survey rounds, plan for server/tablets upgrade between the rounds.

We provide you a cloud server for a one survey. A survey may consist of several questionnaires, but the data collection for these questionnaires should occur at the same time. You should not run multiple surveys on one server. Request a cloud server for each survey you plan to conduct.

You should receive an email with the server credentials typically within two days from the date you complete this form. Please write to us if you have any issues login into your server.

As of 2020 the Survey Solutions developers no longer provide any servers for data collection operations.


  1. the link posted in the above message is no longer active.
  2. If you are hosting your own server, there is no longer a need for registration of your server with our team. (since v 20.05).

For arranging own server, see the alternatives posted at this page: