Problems taking the picture

Good afternoon in some assignments the interviewers indicate that when they take the photo the tablet goes blank and after a few seconds leaves the interviewer, then they go back to the application to the assignment and take the photo, why that problem is due,


I attach the image with the evidence.


The image presumably shows the application starting. It doesn’t help in determining WHY the application has restarted.

Two guesses here:

  1. Simple as it can sound the tablet may overheat. Especially if used for a long time, or subjected to a virus, or with a hardware issue, or for any combination of these and possibly other factors. See e.g. the discussion here Activating the camera may provoke additional load on the processor causing more trouble. I would expect the whole tablet to crash though, kind of like described here: Anroid Tablets Getting Hot and Shutting Down

  2. There might be a conflict of the camera activation with something else in the tablet (have you given the permission to use the camera? have the images been taken with it ever with Survey Solutions?). Try to test in a controlled environment taking away everything that is not necessary for the survey. Are you using the audio audit recording for the affected tablets? Try switching it off and see whether this makes a difference.

Hi Sergiy,
About point 2, I have given the permissions to use the camera and the images have been taken with Survey Solutions, and we are using the audio recording, we will try to turn it off and see if it works.

Thanks for your directions.