Problems in the Designer

Hello I´m having a kind of problem in the Designer.
It is with the Statics texts and their validations conditions, Doing a test of the questionaire I realised that in all statics text with validations conditions (I don´t know Why) the validation appears many times, I deleted it , save it and compile it but the problem continued. This is happening too with all my questionaires and suddenly started to happend since yesterday…

What could be the problem?


I can’t read clearly your message . Could you resend it?

Sure it says:

I can’t read any of the content at the screen shots.
Please do not resize any of the images. It will not
save you any of the traffic, because they are
unreadable and you will be asked to post them in
full anyways.

The difficulty that you have reading my response is exactly the difficulty I and other users have in reading your question. I hope it is clear now.

ok sorry.

The screenshots show that you have multiple validation rules with identical conditions.
Clearly, if one of them fires, the others fire too.

Survey Solutions displays the rule number in the square brackets after the message so that the designers know unambiguously what is the rule that has produced the message. These numbers are different [1]…[4] so we know that the questionnaire contained (at least) 4 separate validation rules for this element.

So far everything with the program works fine. It merely does what it was supposed to do: to display the same message multiple times.

Then, you’ve written that you’ve deleted a rule:

I deleted it , save it and compile it but the problem continued.

Now, this is something that should not be happening. When I tried to edit a validation condition in the Designer now, the modified condition was saved as a second rule, not replacing the original rule. So the problem stems from the incorrect behavior of the Designer software and is reproducible. Hence, I will notify my colleagues to investigate.

I don’t see any immediate workarounds for this issue that the user can undertake to change the rules differently: any time any rule is changed, the whole set of rules is preserved as two copies, so this can snowball very quickly.

Thank you very much for reporting this problem.

The problem with duplicate conditions being saved in the Designer tool for static text elements has now been fixed.

Thank you very much for the support!!