Probleme preloading

I think I had the same problem as you and he posted the same error message.
Erreur lors de l’importation de l’entretien avec des questions d’identification 1, 1. EnquêteurId , QuestionnaireId 68fa82cb1fb845278ef19f47b2b92cc2$2, Exception: Index must be within the bounds of the List. Parameter name: index

Sure, if you have a question, I can try to answer. For preloading functionality watch and do step-by-step this tutorial:

You are either preloading a roster element for which the trigger question does not allocate capacity or preloading a roster with duplicates.

good evening Sergiy Radyakin
please give more details so that I can understand

In addition to the abovementioned video tutorial “this page”: will help troubleshoot user problems with preparing data files for Survey Solutions:

my problem persists. when I use the data of the investigation for the download it shows me this error message
"1 error found PL0040: File with questionnaire level data is missing "
however if I download an imaginary sample for training it works, can I have an explanation of what could cause it and have a solution to this problem. 'please


thank you for confirming that you’ve tried the tutorial example and you confirm it worked. This means there is a problem with your data file you are using for preloading, not with the Survey Solutions program.

The explanation of what could cause it, according to the error message, is that the file of the questionnaire level data is missing in the preloading archive.

The recommendation on how to solve the problem is to include the file with questionnaire level data into the zip archive you are using for preloading (if it is absent there) or rename it to match the name of the survey (if it is included, but named differently).

Sincerely, Sergiy Radyakin