Problem with the identifying question

I am having some trouble with the identifying question. Even though the question has been defined in the identifying section, the warning still mentions :
[WB0216]: No identifying questions are defined. Define at least one identifying question.
Also while creating an assignment for an interviewer, the question shows up while creating an assignment but not in the dashboard after it has been created.
I am attaching a screenshot of the designer window.


Make sure you saved your identifying question. Then re-compile the questionnaire.

I don’t see anything wrong with the setup, but I also don’t see the error message that you’ve mentioned (WB0216)

I tried doing that.
Also, it is not showing up as an error but a warning. here is the screen:

Also it is not showing up in the assignments dashboard against the responsible interviewer even after filing it up during the new assignment

Dear @priyankaecondse,
thank you for reporting the issue.

This is not your mistake, but ours: somehow this question is not correctly attributed as an identifying question, and for that reason the Designer is issuing a warning and the HQ doesn’t show it on the dashboard.

This can be easily fixed:

  1. Right-click the identifying question (village ID)
  2. Select ‘Copy’
  3. Right-click the identifying question (village ID)
  4. Select ‘Paste after…’
    (you will have two identically looking questions)
  5. Right-click the original question (it will be the top of the two).
  6. Select ‘Delete’

After this the questionnaire should compile without a warning. After you re-import it to the HQ-server, the village ids will show up on the dashboard (for new assignments and interviews).

We will investigate why this issue may have occurred. For this it would be useful to know the story of how this question was created (was the questionnaire copied or created? when? was the question there before copied? or added automatically? was the questionnaire migrated from an earlier? etc?) and any additional details that you may feel are relevant (any error messages you observed during editing, such as internet disruptions, etc).

An internal number assigned for this problem report is: KP-14517


Thank you for the above solution. It worked!
I have been facing this problem for quite some time now.
This is how this question evolved over time:

Earlier we had a bunch of cascading single-select questions (like state, district, block, village and GPS location) in a separate questionnaire and later while revising the survey we imported this into this new questionnaire (the current one). Then when we tried to implement it from the HQ then identifying questions used to sometimes show as a blank field and at other points of time, it would only take the GPS location as the identifying question while creating the assignment. We then shifted the GPS question to another section. So now it would only show the name of the state in the id question field. We thought maybe it is the multiplicity of the questions which is creating the trouble so we decided to compress it into its current form (as an alphabetic code) and this time again it wasn’t working.