Problem with last release of the interviewer app v23.04

Dear All,

I am writing to flag a new issue we are facing with the new version of the interviewer app (v23.04). The enumerators are already in the field and were collecting data with the version v22.12. Unfortunately, some of them, upgraded to version v23.04 and from that moment onwards, some validation conditions based on flow calculation (e.g. comparing current cow vs old number of cows) do not work anymore.

Is there a way to go back to the old version of the interviewer app? How can this be done?

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Hello Giuseppe,

can you reproduce the problem on the demo server? Perhaps by uploading your questionnaire, or a relevant portion of your questionnaire and instructions which values need to be entered to which questions, so that one can see the problem.

Thank you, Sergiy

Thank you Sergiy for this fast answer! I will need to find a tablet to do so, I will keep you updated on this

Thanks again



I have the same error even with the demo server. I believe it is due to some incompatibility with the functions calculating the values used for the validation. For example, I have the following function that does not seem to be computed anymore:
(d1_5!=888 && d1_10a!=888)?new[]{d1_5,d1_10a}.Sum():888

where d1_5 and d1_10a are numeric values (e.g. cow/goat/pigs joining the household)
Since this value is not computed, then the validation condition does not work.

Do you think there is a way to downgrade the version of the interviewer app? Or is there anything else I can do?

Thank you so much for your help

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Hello @giuseppemaggio ,

there were some 12 questionnaires imported to the demo server today. Could you please help identify which one you are talking about? (indicate title+version or direct link to questionnaire details)

  1. What specific values have you entered?
  2. Where do you expect to see the result of the calculation?

Thank you, Sergiy


My questionnaire is RTCP household questionnaire. If you go within the livestock section, there is a function that is calculating the positive change in livestock (e.g. new livestock born), and a second one calculating the negative change in livestock (e.g. sold or death), both by livestock type.

Basically, the validation conditions check whether the livestock now is equal to the livestock of 12 months ago plus the positive change minus the negative change.

The result of the function is expected to be seen as text by the enumerators (where we say "12 months ago there was so much livestock, new livestock was x, livestock leaving the household was y) and it is also a validation condition

If you want i can also share that questionnaire within survey solution designer. The strange thing is that it was working until the last survey solution update.

Thank you

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Dear @giuseppemaggio ,

thank you very much. This is very helpful.
The problem is likely caused by the same issue that is causing

and is being fixed in the ticket

where you can monitor the progress and status.

Best, Sergiy

Hi @giuseppemaggio,

Sorry to hear you have issue with the version 23.04.
This issue was resolved, new version is available for download.
Tablet application requires update to work properly again.
Once you’ve updated your server is updated to 23.04.1 all Interviewer apps from 23.04 must be updated. Please plan accordingly.