Problem with dropdown menu after new update

Dear all,

We are currently conducting a food survey in Burkina Faso, and after the update of the software last Wednesday (30-09-2020), our field team is experiencing problems with the drop down menus, which are pre-programmed using .txt files. The options do not appear, or only after pushing the box several times.

I tried the questionnaire myself and it works fine here in Belgium. I also sent a new version of the questionnaire to the tablets in Burkina Faso just now, to test if that would solve the problem, but unfortunately the problem remains.

Does anyone have an idea how we could solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

Dear Brenda,

sorry to hear you are experiencing problems.

There was a similar case discussed here:

but we expected that the most recent version covers this problem.

Please send the information about the tablets experiencing the problem to the support email. Please mention the kind of the keyboard (and version) the interviewers are using.

In the meanwhile try the same recommendation as in that case, set the keyboard to floating (or if this mode is not supported, install a different keyboard app that supports this feature, such as, for example, GBOARD from Google).

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you for your reply. I will send the information to the support email. It seems we also have 26 interviews with lost information from this weekend. Also, I received a message this morning that when they finish the questionnaire and open it again, the fields are empty. So we really hope the problem can be solved. We will propose the keyboard settings for now.

Kind regards,

Dear Brenda, is the issue with empty fields reproducible? (Have you yourself reproduced it in the office using one of devices?)

Which server is that?

(Can write to support or here)

Best, Sergiy

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I sent an email to the support email, with additional information.

Kind regards,

You can instruct interviewers to use workaround, you need to scroll view while keyboard is visible to redraw input on screen then answering it (

We are investigating a way to fix this, but it won’t be possible without releasing a new version of software.

Dear Andrii,

Thank you for your reply. I don’t really understand the workaround after watching the video. Could you maybe explain the process again?

For your information, the questionnaire was working smooth during our previous two weeks of data collection, until the new software update of last Wednesday.

Kind regards,

You need to scroll up and down in order to display combobox on screen

Thank you, I have informed the field team to try this out.

We are facing a similar issue here in India. How do we go about this? The lists are long and we want to retain the drop down menu. With English version, we can search and select ( the entire list still doesn’t show on scrolling down) but since we want to use a Hindi translated version, the search option is not very feasible. It would be great if we could know how to tackle this issue.


A combobox control used in Survey Solutions is neither intended nor capable of showing ALL items.

And of course, if you google this, google will give you an informative answer:

This has been discussed multiple times in this forum. You will have no troubles finding relevant pages by searching for combobox if necessary.

I believe the second part of your question refers to some differences in the search behavior between typing in English and in Hindi. Survey Solutions has been used extensively in India, so if there were any issues with Hindi, perhaps they were solved locally, without us being notified. Please describe what does “not very feasible” mean in terms interviewer actions and the observed behavior of the program.