Problem with Data dowloaded

Dear SS Suport Team, We downloaded some data to check from our Survey and we see some weird things happening in the downloaded data. Data downloaded from a roster included variables from other rosters or other questions outside the roster. Our server is and the questionnaire name is Vanuatu 2019 NSDP Baseline Survey. We saw this happening for the roster called p2226_roster. Grateful for assistance on this. Much appreciated all the help. Kind Regards

Dear Toga Raikoti,

This is the way Survey Solutions exports rosters. All rosters with the same set of source questions will be exported in a merged data set. In your questionnaire, rosters p226b_roster and p313b_roster have the same set of source questions (question name is the source for hm_details and the same question name is the source for p226b_roster and p313b_roster), that is why the system will merge those files, meaning the last question of p226b_rosterp227n will be followed by the first question from p313b_rosterp314.

The structure of your data set can be found in export_readme.txt file provided with your data sets.

One more note: in C# & and && are not the same. In 99.9% cases, you want to use ‘&&’, which is not the case for your questionnaire. There is a warning WB0237 about that in your questionnaire, so please pay attention.


Dear Slava et Support Team,

Thanks heaps for the clarifications… much appreciated !!!
Fully understood your explanations.

Kind Regards,