Problem in uploading of translated questionnaire in Supervisor Application

Dear SS Support Team,

A Happy New Year to you all and looking forward to your continued support, as always.
We just received a notice that one of our server has been upgraded to 20.1 - .

One issue we noticed is that in the Supervisor application, it shows the original translation of the questionnaire, even when changed to another translation. It works perfect in the Interviewer application.

Appreciate your assistance in this.

Warm Regards,

Thank you for reporting. W’ll check if issue can be reproduced and fix it

For all users that have experienced this problem:

  • if you observed the problem in Tester or WebTester only, you need to do nothing, just recheck and the issue should vanish by now;

  • if you have imported a multilingual questionnaire to the HQ since the release of 20.01, you may be affected and need to re-import the questionnaire to the HQ.