Problem in assigning an interviewer on

I am having some difficulty to assign an interviewer on to test my survey. Am I doing something wrong or missing some steps?
My steps were:

  • Import my survey (Tester mett) as “sample mode”(version 1, and today version 2). We want this survey to be fill by a certain list of people;
  • Add one supervisor and one interviewer accounts on “Team and Roles” tab. Also, attribute the supervisor to this interviewer;
  • Attribute the supervisor to “Tester mett” on “Survey Setup” tab. (Clicked on “Tester mett”, selected “New interview”, selected my supervisor and click on “create”. Here only appear the “responsible”;
  • Login on with Supervisor account;
  • Enter on Interviews tab, select “InterviewerAssigned” on status and there is no results.
    Can you help?
    Thank in advance, S

Select “SupervisorAssigned” to see which assignments are available to the supervisor to distribute between their interviewers.