Problem downloading the translation file in designer

Dear support team,

I am having problem while downloading the translation excel file. Whenever I download the translation file, translation file from the other questionnaire with the same translation file name has been downloaded. So, is it necessary to make the translation file name unique for every questionnaire?


Survey Solutions doesn’t care how you named your files on the disk because it doesn’t store translations as files internally.

What are the two questionnaires involved? Include two links

  • for the questionnaire you are working with and
  • for the ‘other’ questionnaire.

What language/translation are you downloading?

Dear Sergiy,

The links are as following:
The questionnaire I am working:
The other questionnaire:

I was downloading “Nepali” translation file.

Thanking you,

Dear Bhuwan,

I could not reproduce the issue.

I have downloaded the Nepali translation files from each of the questionnaires and observe:

  • they are distinct;
  • each matches the questionnaire from which it was downloaded.

Yes, the file name is different as per the questionnaire.
But when I open the “Nepal mental health study baseline survey” file, it contains all the information from the another questionnaire " ecd teacher survey".

Not when I do the same:

Please provide the exact description of what you are doing and some evidence of the problem.

Dear Sergiy,

Sorry for all the trouble: I was just about to edit the “Nepali” translation file for the Nepal mental health study questionnaire and the issue encountered. I can’t figure out the problem but, I emptied my Downloads folder and again downloaded the “Nepali” translation file and it worked. :smiley:

Once again I apologize for any inconvenience caused…


No problem.
False alarm then.
Thank you for confirming and good luck with your surveys.

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