Problem displaying questions in plain roster

I have a large questionnaire that is close to the 5MB limit that we are currently testing using the tester app on the desktop, tester app on the tablet and finally on the interviewer on another tablet. My roster has 10 items with the last 4 have enablements. Q7 is enabled Q3 but I only see the question and not its choices from my single select. i have to get out of the section and then return for it to show up and this continues for the other questions.

I get this on all three platforms (desktop tester, tablet tester and interviewer app). Anyone getting this ?


I have the “hide if disabled” unchecked when I checked it it started to work properly. I then unchecked it and it was still working properly. Not sure if this is a bug or what. I will have to upload a new form to my server to check it it update properly. I will do some further testing over the weekend and next week.


Hello Neville,

if the issue reappears again, please create a minimal questionnaire that exhibits the problem (just the roster) and put it on the Demo server so that we can reproduce the issue.

If there are any particular values to be entered into the questions to activate the next ones, please instruct which ones.

Thank you, Sergiy

The issue remains on the version on the cloud server I was testing with, however when I imported the same version of the questionnaire on another server it works properly. The online tester version on desktop works properly also. The tester app still has the same issue.

I have uploaded the a minimal questionnaire as asked, name “Plain Test”. I am not sure why it isn’t working on the tester app but working using the online desktop app on my computer.



Not exactly on the topic of this thread, but why do you want to use plain (flat) roster in your questionnaire. You have 10 questions for each hh member. Why not to use the normal, nested roster, when you have a button to enter the roster screen for each hh member.

Plain (Flat) rosters were develop to accommodate cases when a roster contains many items (lines) but each item (line) have just 1 or 2 questions. For example, when conducting a price survey a user might have a long list of items for which a price and a quantity is asked. Then, pressing a button and going to a new screen just to answer two questions might be inefficient.

In your case, of 10 questions, this does not seem to be the case. It seems to me that it is more convenient and clear for an interviewer to go into a new screen to answer 10 question. Could you explain how you see that problem.

We have a very long questionnaire, should be about 1-2 hours to complete, that being normal for a Household Budget Survey. So any opportunity to cut down on time is welcome. The persons currently testing the questionnaire have experience using paper forms so they prefer asking the same question for each household member before going across the roster. I may not use the plain roster in the final version as we will have new interviews and will accept the new way.



Thanks much for clarifications,