Problem creating new server or extenting existent server

We would like to start coding a survey but we can’t open a new server except for demo (will delete in 30days?). Also we have a blank page when we try to have an extension of the server (already closed) we have. Can you please advise on the way to go to open a new server? It’s quite an urgent matter. It is for a WB project (we have a P code).

We have to code a 300-questions ag questionnaire in the next 7 days. Does it seems realistic in view of the new server/installation requirements to obtain a functional server within a week?

Thank you

Hi Zurab,

When I go to my account on page 3 solutions are given in “Request” : 1. Personal Demo 2. Server Extension 3. Transfer. This does not give a possibility to create a new server. Can you please walk me through the process of creating a new cloud-based server?

Thank you,

I just gave you the link of another topic where I responded to that question - there is no cloud server. We have a software that you can download from and setup on any server that you may have.

Andreii was saying here that there exist cloud server for WB projects. That’s where I assumed we could have access to a cloud server like before. Can you confirm this?

If not possible, I understand we have to download the software. Would this software come with a server if we give a WB P-code or the server-service now is completely outsourced from now on?
Thank you.

If you are a bank staff you should know how internal operations work, where to find services or collaborate between different units. I do not think that the public forum is the right place discussing the bank-specific concepts like project codes etc.