Previous WHO / PAHO surveys using Survey Solutions?

I am looking to do conduct a survey for PAHO using Survey Solutions, and they asked if there were previous surveys done by either WHO or PAHO using the platform. I had assumed there were, but a quick online search did not provide any results - does anyone know of an example I can provide them with (they are suggesting a different platform).
thank you!

Hi @etoile98,

In the Public Questionnaires section of the Designer app, there is a folder containing some WHO questionnaires. (You will have to sign in):

I do not know if there are any specific PAHO questionnaires, but I found these Health related items of interest:

  1. Jamaica (STATIN) did a COVID-19 KAP survey using Survey Solutions. They mentioned they collaborated with PAHO.
  2. Belize used Survey Solutions for COVID-19 contact-tracing, in a collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the Statistical Institute of Belize, and advise from PAHO. Later, Survey Solutions was substituted with a COVID-19/epidemiology-specific tool. Belize has also done health surveys (with the local ministry of health) using Survey Solutions.