Prevent self-selection in a single select question that is linked to a roster

Hello !
I have a roster (say “ROSTER1”) that goes through a list (say “LIST”) of people in a given household.
Later on I have a single-select question (say “Q1”) that asks who in the roster brings most of financial resources at home. This question is linked to ROSTER1. Due to the questionnaire’s structure, this person (thus, the answer to Q1) can’t be the one answering the survey (say “Jack” is answering the survey).
Additionally, I made sure that the person answering the survey (Jack) is the first item on LIST (that is feeding the roster).

So, what would be the syntax for a filter that would mask the name of the first person on LIST (i.e Jack) in Q1 ?
Alternatively, I have extracted the respondant’s name into a string variable (say “FIRST_NAME”, which is literally “Jack”). Could that string be used as a filter in the linked, single-select question, to achieve the same purpose ?

I realise this may have been answered partially or enitrely in other posts, but after trying many different things I couldn’t figure it out.

Many thanks for your work on this forum, and for helping me on this,
Noé B.

Hello @Noe_Barthelemy ,

you may wish to check the ‘Employment’ section of the public questionnaire PUBLIC EXAMPLE HH Workers Demo, which demonstrates usage of filters in linked questions:

Best, Sergiy

Hi @sergiy ,

Thanks for your answer.
However, I fail to understand how the section Employment helps my case … The linked question (“worked”) has indeed a filter (as in my case), but it does refer to a numeric variable ($minWorkAge) defined in the macro, and not to an element of a list (like in my case).
I understand how to filter for age, or any numeric variable, but not with elements of a list.

Any ideas ?
Thanks again, and my apologies for not getting it that fast ! :slight_smile: