Prepopulate extra codes into household roster

In our household questionnaire, we ask the respondent to list all the people living their household, which is then used as the household roster. I need to include two additional option codes in every household roster (NON-HH MEMBER…….94 and NOT APPLICABLE….…98). Is there a way to prepopulate either the list of household members or household roster so that these two extra codes automatically show up in every household roster?


Dear Crossley,

no it is not possible to append options to linked questions in our system. The way to deal with this situation is to introduce a screening question of the kind:
“Is the biological mother of […] currently present in the household? (Y/N)” If yes, ask for mother’s name with a categorical question linked to members’ names. You can extend the screening question to accommodate other options, such as (living elsewhere, dead, missing, not known, etc).

Pre-populating rosters to include fake members is possible, but not desirable. It will limit your survey to sample mode only, and put more work to clean-up the data after export. In addition number of household members will need to be adjusted for the included fake options. Finally, you will need to counter the possibility of interviewers accidentally deleting these options, etc. Hence do not follow this road, add a screening question instead.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Is it possible to refer to responses inside of a roster?

We have a roster of parcels farmed by the household, and one of the questions is who farms the parcel. Later on we want to identify the members of the household who farm and then ask them more questions about those parcels.

e.g., from the parcel roster we obtain the following information:
Parcel 1: farmer = HH member #1
Parcel 2: farmer = HH member #4
Parcel 3: farmer = HH member #2

Later on we want to interview the members of the household who farm. We want to ask HH member #1 about parcel #1, HH member #2 about parcel #3, and HH member #4 about parcel #2.

Is there any way to do this?

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