Preloading images

User Ivette has sent us the following question:

During the listing, the enumerators took pictures of the dwellings (using Survey Solutions) as a reference for the main survey. We are curious if it is possible that the pictures taken during the listing can be uploaded as a reference with the assignments. Please let us know if this has been done before.

This is a frequent question, which appears periodically in project planning and also in this forum, see for example:


The answer is negative. As per the [referenced capabilities table] of the current Survey Solutions version (Design limitations by question type) the image type question may not be preloaded.

While images may be part of the questionnaire, they can’t be preloaded into an assignment as data.

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy , could images be made part of the questionnaire as an attachment and, say, have the questionnaire point to a different image as a function of the household ID (i.e, via “flexible images”)?

If so, is there a limit on the total size of images that could be associated with the questionnaire in this way? Would the total size limit be the same as that for maps? Would it count against total questionnaire size?

I would not recommend attempting this route.

In practical terms you are inflating the questionnaire for no reason (every interviewer will have to download all images of all houses in the whole country), but more importantly, the image of the house is potentially personally identifiable data, which you should not store in the Designer. It does not belong there.

I agree with you that this route is likely ill-advised.

But since this appears to be a recurrent request, are there any thoughts about leveraging the work done of assigning maps to interviewers (see also here) in order to assign images to interviewers?

This would help with the problems of making sure the right field staff get the right images.