Preloaded variables

After completing an interview is the preloaded values accessible (can they be viewed or listed)? Can preloaded values be updated before the supervisor accepts the interview? Need clarifications pls

  1. Yes;
  2. Depends on the question scope. Some can, some can’t.

Preloaded variables in our survey are: CodeHH, Name, Village, Gender. These were uploaded with 50 HH unto the questionnaire. there are series of questions to which interviewee responded to and entered unto the tablets. On completion, it was discovered that the village names need amendment. Is this possible? if yes how? please help clarify…Regards

You can’t send your interviewers to 123 Main St, Washington DC, collect data there, then change the address to 123 Main St, New York NY and pretend that the data comes from New York.

If you’ve sent the interviewers to the wrong village correcting the village name after the fact will not be a valid fix.

If the problem is e.g. with spelling in the value entered by the interviewer, then reject the interview back to him/her and ask for the spelling to be corrected.

If the problem is with the spelling of the question that you’ve entered as the HQ then no.

Without knowing the scopes of the questions this is not productive. Please read this:

Getting more insight into Survey solution - Thanks. Now if the same code (for instance 005) was assigned to about 10 different head of household in a village, how can this be corrected after the interview? or one need to reject the concerned interviews, reassign correct code and the interview done again?

Thanks sorted. Interview rejected at HQ. Duplicated IDs and corresponding interviews deleted. New ID assigned, uploaded with other predefined variables and interview conducted again.