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Is this information updated? Have there been any changes to the protection of variables.

Hello @paolaggl ,

could you be a bit more specific what you’d like to get confirmed?

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We want to know what variables will be protected from changing them when they are preloaded. And we are not entirely sure if the information in here (Protecting pre-loaded answers) is updated.

Also, we are using this information (Design limitations by question type) as reference, however we are not entirely sure the meaning of “NO for linked” mentioned in the column “Can be preloaded”. Can you explain a little bit?


As the referenced documentation page says:

“…additional text file with the name … should contain variable names of the questions that need to be protected …”
The page also shows an example of such a file.

In addition to this, all variables on the cover page that are preloaded when the assignment is created will be inaccessible to the interviewer for edits.

Categorical questions in Survey Solutions may be of two broad categories - linked and not-linked. See more here:

Put simply, if you specified your categories in the Designer - that is not a linked question, but if the categories are picked for a particular interview, such as “Who is the father of this household member? [show names of this household members]” then it is a linked question.

Hope this helps.

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So, if I understand correctly: preloaded numeric, text list and Categorical questions (not linked) can be modified,
All of those can be protected if the is included
is that correct?

How did you understand ‘can be protected’ ?

That those can not be modify

Hello @paolaggl , this is not what protected is doing. We define what we mean by protected in that same article:

Interviewers can modify answers to any enabled interviewer-scope question (whatever is its type) except if this question is mentioned in the file in which case they can only expand those values. What that means for each question type is in the documentation.

Perhaps it will be simpler if you describe what you are trying to do with preloading and protection.

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We are evaluating this possibility:
A questionnaire is answered by the informant (CAWI), then we need to preload that information into a new version of that questionnaire, and assign it to an analyst so he/she can edit the answers.

Hello @paolaggl ,

thank you for your explanation. But what needs to be “protected”? or “readonly”? that part is not in your description.

Based on the information you’ve provided, you can simply reject this interview submitted by an informant to the analyst for editing.

I think @kv700032 has already mentioned this in another discussion on this site.

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We need all the answers the be able to be edited by the analyst. Rejecting the interview makes tracking difficult. We need to know which answered were entered by the informant and which were edited by the analyst.
An ideal solution for us is that all preloaded answers are able to be editted (except those in the cover)

That information you will find in the paradata.

Yes, preloaded answers can be edited. But:

  1. not all question types are preloadable, see Design limitations by question type, (if you were to reject an interview, you’d be free from some, though not all of these limitations), and
  2. you will still need to re-compare the analyst interviews (edited) with the corresponding informant interviews (originals) to determine which answers were edited/modified (whether this will be easier to do, not sure).

This is the case if you preload the values to identifying questions in the cover, the interviewer can’t modify them.

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Thanks for your help!