Prefilling answer choices

I would like to use prefilled variables in answer choices, like in the following example:

A5. Qui est le répondant?

Agriculteur original: %name_prefilled%…1
Autre membre de la famille de %name_prefilled%…2
Autre person qui n’est pas lié à %name_prefilled%…3

However, I see in Tester that the prefilled name in percentage signs does not actually prefill. Is this possible with some other syntax, or not possible to do at all? And if not, is this something that you plan on developing in the future? Thanks in advance.


No. You can’t substitute anything into categories of categorical questions.

Instead, design your question in the following way:

"INTERVIEWER! The respondent to this section should be the originally selected farmer %name_prefilled%. Are you talking with …?"
1… This person
2… His/her relative
3… Other respondent

Best, Sergiy

Also note that we use the term “prefill / preload” throughout the site and documentation for “placing the values as answers to questions” while for %% we use the term “text substitution” or “text piping”.

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