Prefilled answer choices

I would like to make a question that has preloaded or prefilled answer choices. For example:

Who is the household head?

  1. %1_name_prefilled%
  2. %2_name_prefilled%
  3. %3_name_prefilled%
  4. %4_name_prefilled%

The names of household members have been collected in previous rounds of surveys. Is this possible? When I try this, the data does not prefill into these answer choices, although I get no errors in either the designer or when loading the sample in headquarters.


every time you want to have answers not-fixed but reflecting user data use a linked question.
In this case use a categorical single select question linked to a hidden text list question that you will preload.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks Sergiy. Would the hidden text question have to be in a roster in order for that to work to go through the preloaded names of all the individuals in the household?

Also, is it possible to link to more than one questions using Is linked?

  1. yes
  2. no