Prefer server time to device time

The issue:
Sometimes a device may have the time, date or even the year set incorrectly.

It would be nice if there was a step during synchronisation (set optionally on the server) to update the timestamps to server time by comparing server time to device time and even to prompt the user to update their clock settings through the Interviewer/Supervisor application if it’s not just a timezone issue.

The issue came up because:
One of my interviewers set their date to 2015 for some reason.
Now all of the date recording interview questions and interview__actions from that tablet are recorded as being in 2015

At minimum, it would be nice if the Interviewer/Supervisor App noticed that their time was very different to the server time and notified the user.

It would also be nice if the interview__actions recorded any significant clock changes on the device, though this might be more of a separate log file action (device__actions)

Hello Scott,

at the moment Survey Solutions shows the clock setting of the interviewer in the interviewer profile and you can compare it with the server clock (both adjusted to UTC timezone). Both time measurements are expected to be the same or deviate a few seconds at most.

You can download this info for all users from the HQ in XLSX, TAB, or CSV format.

Ah, nice, yes that would be useful when trying to fix up the issue after it’s been found.
I’m still keen on proposing a notification for the user when their tablet is found to be out by more than a day.