Precisition of GPS questions

How many precisition have the type of question geography (GPS)?

In my questionnaries I have a question for know the address of the person interviewing.

But checking the points that Survey Solutions give me about the ubication, I have that my question type GPS is uploading one ubication that is different with the ubication where I am interviewing.

In the pic, the box with red border is the place where I interview and pointer red (with number 4) is the place reported in Survey Solutions.

What are the factors involved in the precisition of the GPS questions?

Thanks for support me.

this doesn’t look like an accuracy issue.
a) an old location somehow got stuck (check location in google maps, for example), or
b) the location is picked based on the network, not on the GPS. (switch to GPS only mode)

PS: you can display the measured accuracy by first putting it into a calculated variable, then displaying that variable in a static text.

Thanks @sergiy I think this is happening in my case

How I can do it? What should be the syntax in that calculated variable?

Again thanks for this explication.

Regarding b) there is no syntax for that. it is the settings of the tablet device:

Exact settings and capabilities vary considerably between the models and even for different versions of Android for the same model
Best, Sergiy

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Hi Sergiy,

Grateful if you could comment on this GPS topic as well.

Thank you!

And how I can do this with the calculated variable?

Thanks @sergiy

See this page:


Thank you Sergiy. I’m updating the other post for reference.