Pre-selected choice with `0` as the value

We have single select questions with options as:


While deploying this as a web interview, the last option (NA) is pre-selected, but is not saved unless another option is selected. To select NA, another option has to be selected first and then NA again. If left to the default selection, the answer is recorded as Not answered.

Changing the value of the last option to 5 instead to 0 fixed this.

This sounds like a critical problem, but I couldn’t reproduce it using the steps provided. See interview 60-99-79-47 on the public demo server.

Here are the steps that I’ve followed:

  1. Created a new questionnaire (bug0) with 1 single-select question (q1) and suggested categories as per post above.
  2. Imported the questionnaire to the demo server.
  3. Created one assignment (#1766) for a particular interviewer (SergiyInt23) and value 0 preloaded as per preloading file (attached).
  4. Logged in with that interviewer’s account as a web-interviewer to the server.
  5. Started the interview from created assignment.
  6. Didn’t change any values.
  7. Completed the survey.
  8. Exported the data (attached).

I do see the value 0 corresponding to question q1.

If your steps are different, please clarify. Best of all, do your steps on the demo server, then record the actual steps you’ve done.

Best, Sergiy




The issue seems to be when using web interviewing. Check the link below:

Notice the question is answered (NA is selected), but not recored as answered (Section is blue and progress is 0/1).

Value was stored as -999999999

Dear @ashwinikalantri ,

thank you very much for reporting the issue and providing an example that illustrates the problem.

This will be addressed as a bug within a hotfix.

Best, Sergiy

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I was about to post the same problem just now. Maybe I can contribute some more details:

Situation: web survey with preloading of some questions.

Some of the not preloaded questions are shown in the interview as already answered with the option which has code 0.
They are all categorical single-select questions with an answer option with code 0.
None of the categorical single-select questions that do not have an answer option of 0 gets erroneously preloaded.

Maybe this helps in locating the problem

This fix is now available to download.