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I need to add a network module to my questionnaire. I have a list of names of all the respondents of a sample of 1000 individuals (for example: workers in a factory), and I want to ask to each of them whether they know someone in the sample. Because it is such a large group, I was thinking on doing a list question, but I would like this list question to be link to a pre-filled list of names with their id number. The idea is to reduce the ex-post cost of matching using only the names, and to guarantee that the network module is done only on people on the survey. Any suggestion?
Thanks for your help.

Teresa, based on your description you will be conducting 1,000 interviews each containing 1,000 questions “Do you know person Xi ?” And the list of Xi’s is known at the beginning of the survey. If this is not the case, please provide more details.

Partition your list into 10-20 segments, of equal size.
In the questionnaire place the corresponding number of list questions and rosters associated with these lists.
In the roster place a categorical question “Do you know person %rostertitle%? (Y/N)” and if necessary additional questions: since when, how, etc?

It is probably a good idea to hide the lists of the persons, so that interviewers can’t accidentally edit or delete the entries.

Preload the names of persons (must be UNIQUE!) during creating the assignments (you will have 1000 assignments).
Preloading is described here:

Note that the interview is going to be extremely long, and monotonous, hence burdensome for the respondent and the interviewer. Perhaps you can come up with a better approach: “Do you know anyone in accounting?” if yes go over people in accounting, otherwise skip the whole accounting department and go over to sales, etc. In that case you can group people by department and add a screening question before presenting the list.

There may be other approaches depending on the particular situation.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Syeadah,

it is possible to prefill any variable, regardless of the scope.
The scope determines who can MODIFY the answer.
Between the hidden and interviewer, select which one is more appropriate. The first one will protect the names from being changed, the second will allow interviewers to manipulate the list.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

This is a follow up question:

I need to do a very similar thing as asked by Teresa. I have the names of the household members and as we are re visiting the households, I need to ask whether the household member lives in the household.

For that I wanted to preload a question of variable type list. However, when I add a list type question, I am only getting two options for the question scope: interviewer and hidden.
Any help will be appreciated.

How can I draw the items from a previous list question into a new list question.
For example, we are conducting a panel survey. We will pre-fill the names of the household member and ask the enumerator to ask the household whether these household members live in the household. This is done for the identification of the household.
For our household roster, we will ask the list of household members. Now what I am wondering is if I can pull the names of the household members that were determined to be living in the household earlier into the new list question. I will also want to be able to add names of other household members into the list.


Aroob, if “draw” means “assign” then you can’t.
If “draw” means select, then this is exactly the functionality of the LINKED question.

Based on your description you are doing a panel survey. So have a list question, bind the roster to this question, and in the roster have a question whether the member is still in the HH. When you create assignments, preload the members names into the list question. Your interviewers will be able to append the list in the second wave of the panel survey.

Preloading is described here:

Best, Sergiy

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Elena, why not ask the names of all household members as a text list question first, before getting to the roster? (and use it as a trigger for the members roster). This is a commonly practiced approach.
Best, Sergiy


Is it possible to pull information from rosters to fill in in another question later down? For example, I am gathering names of household members in one roster.

After that roster, I would like to list all of those names in the question text, and ask the respondent if I am missing anyone in the household. Is this possible? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for your quick replies and useful help! I really appreciate it.