PostgreSQL instance directly on cloud server (+ implications of smaller server capacity)

Hello everyone,

I am working together with partners in Myanmar on a temporary cloud server solution before they will be able to use their own physical server. Are there any issues related to running PostgresSQL and the Survey Solutions software on the same cloud server?

I am personally using AWS and have seperate instances for the PostgresSQL database and the EC2 instance where Survey Solutions is installed (based on the instructions provided for AWS servers). I am just trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages (and cost implications) for different cloud server setups. Also, I am currently only using a t2.medium EC2 instance (primarily for testing). I know that this is way under the recommended specifications. So far Survey Solutions has been running smoothly for me. What are the implications of operating Survey Solutions with such low performance? Would I still be able to pilot a 30-questions CAWI survey with 500 participants? Will it only cause the response time of the server to be slower or do I risk the whole system to crash?

I would really appreciate your insights and experiences.

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Just one additional question: Did I understand the answer to another forum post correctly?: The most basic RDS PostgreSQL instance (db.t2.micro) is sufficient, right?

I received a price calculation from an IT company in Myanmar of 38,700 USD (for 1 year, based on AWS) after they looked at the survey solutions specifications, but this included what looks to me like the largest RDS instance that is avilable.

Behaviour of server in case of insufficient resources differs. If your server will run out of RAM or Storage the system will likely crash and stop respond to users. Generally 4gb of ram should be enough for both web server and postgresql for 500 respondents.

The implication of using your installation of PostgreSQL instead of RDS is that you will need to setup proper backup strategy, handle disk requirement etc. For smaller surveys smallest database server should be sufficient.