Possible to remove questionnaire from tablets from HQ?


My team is currently conducting an in-person survey in Ethiopia. One of our field teams has been arrested and detained by police despite having proper clearances and permissions to conduct the research. The team’s tablets have a few cases that have not yet been synchronized to the server and, of course, contain respondent data. The tablets are in police custody while the field team is detained - the tablets and Interviewer app are password protected, but we have heard from the team that they are trying to access the questionnaire. Is there any way we can remove cases remotely (via HQ) or lock access to them? Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

In my humble opinion, covertly erasing data from a system in police custody could be interpreted as obstructing justice. (Especially if that system contains data as evidence of a crime). Consequences may be more serious than you are prepared to imagine.

Technically speaking: If the tablets are not connected to the internet (which I imagine they are not) they will not respond to any external action that you may be making (how would the tablet get to know about it??)

Perhaps sending a good lawyer there could help ?