Possible to have multiple administrator accounts?

Hi - we are using a server where we would like to have 2+ individuals have access to their own administrator accounts. Is this possible? Or do we need to consolidate the administrator under one account?

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Dear Will,

by nature of the administrator duties there should be no need to have more than one. Could you please elaborate on “we would like to have 2+ individuals have access to their own administrator accounts”? What are the tasks and situations where this is necessary?

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Hi Sergiy,

Thank you for your help. We want to have 2 accounts with administrative privileges for the purposes of redundancy. In the case that the credentials of one of the admin accounts is lost when an admin leaves the team, we would have another backup admin account.


Yes, it is possible to create second administrator account if you have a local access to survey solutions server. Use WB.UI.Headquarters.exe -help in order to get list of available commands

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Because the first person is leaving (and possibly not cooperating with your requests anymore), you will have to disable his/her account anyways, and there is no such lock for admin accounts, so changing their password is the only way to effectively lock out a previous admin user. Once you change it, rather than creating a second admin account you can pass the credentials to the replacing person, taking a note the date and time when the change took place (in case you need it for any forensics).

It’s also possible by executing the proper SQL updates on the Postgres database in the server. But, be very careful and make sure to create backups of the database.

Please read the support tool article regarding this question.