Piping values from macros/variables across multiple languages


I have a survey that will be run across a large number of countries, requiring a large number of translations. There are two series of questions where the order is randomized; currently this is done according to the process recommended here, via a macro that calls elements of an array (in English).

My issue is that, my script needs this capability for nearly 30 languages. I understand that text can be called by having separately named variables referred to in the Excel, translation spreadsheet. E.g., a text call %variable% would have a version %variable_ESP% in the Spanish translation Excel. However, this process would imply a few hundred variables (one array has 7 elements, so 210 variables; the other array has 15 elements, implying 450 variables across 30 languages).

Another possible solution would be to create a specific script version for each country, however, the implied variable creation would be the same number, and having nearly 50 versions of scripts would create problems with version control.

My preferred solution would be to have a variable called generically, but that variable will show up in the translation Excel sheet. I understand that only questions and static text appear in the translation Excel, meaning that this solution may not be possible. Any advice would be appreciated.