Piping other Specify

How do i pipe a text in other specify into the next question answer choices


Q1 In which banks do you have bank accounts?

  1. KCB
  2. National bank
  3. Co-operative bank
  4. Other specify

Q1_Other Specify… Equity Bank

Q2 Which is the most preferred banks

In Q1 there are 3 answer choices selected

  1. KCB
    2 Co-operative bank
  2. Other specify.

In my case other specify is Equity bank so answers in Q2 should appear as

  1. KCB
    2 Co-operative bank
  2. Equity bank

How do i make equity bank appear in Q2? Kindly help

Q1: In which banks do you have bank accounts? (categories)
T: What is the most preferred bank?
Q2a: INTERVIEWER! Did the respondent mention %other% as preferred? Y/N
Q2b: [IF NO IN Q2A] then which? (same categories as in Q1)

Q1: Starting from your preferred bank, in which banks do you have accounts? (multi-select ordered)
Q1a: Specify what is that other bank.

Best, Sergiy

Hi! sergy. Your Solution 2 denies the chance of (other specified bank in Q1a) to be the most preferred bank. Remember, the bank to be specified in Q1a might even be the most preferred bank though was not among the banks categories in Q1. May you help more on this because I’m facing similar challenges on that scenario.

Why? The option in q1 will say “other bank” and q1a will require to specify which other bank.

Hello Sergey, what i want is the other specify which has been typed in text to appear in the next question answers as an answer choice, not as other specify because this will give the enumerator hard time remembering what they have typed.

Text substitution may not be used in categorical question options.

Use the first recipe from the two that I’ve posted on June 20.