Pictures not displayed on tablets

Dear Survey Team,

We have a picture question in our Interview that is captured on the tablet and the Interviewer can view the captured picture within the Interview. After the Interview is marked as complete and approved by the supervisor and synced back to our Headquarters server, our Headquarters agents will reassign this Interview to another Interviewer tablet, however after we reassigned the Interview to another tablet for corrections or follow-up, the picture is not visible in the Interview on the assigned tablet but from the Headquarters software (web browser on a computer) we can view the picture.

What could be the cause of this?

I remember reading somewhere that multimedia (pictures, audio…) captured on tablets are not synced back to tablets due to size constraints and syncing times, not sure if this is correct?

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Hello @eehlers ,

you’ve asked the same question in this forum some 3 years ago:

Thank you Sergiy,

I remember bits and pieces around this discussion just could not find the original thread. So there has to date not been any new updates to allow pictures to sync back to tablets is that correct?

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As of today (and by design)

  • for CAPI: the images acquired during data collection are travelling only one way from tablets to the server, and images that are part of the questionnaire are travelling only one way from the server to the tablets.
  • for CAWI: the images are displayed as needed
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Thank you for the clarification Sergiy.