Personal server in the cloud ended

Dear Survey Solutions Team,

Would it be possible to re-open my personal server space? It ended on August 20 and unfortunately I didn’t realize it (the notice for the remaining 2 days was not sent, at least I cannot find it). The problem is that numerators continued to administer surveys, so we would greatly appreciate if there is any chance to rescue some data.

Kind regards

According to documentation:

  • The server and all stored data will be automatically deleted 30 days after it was created.
  • A PDS may not be extended, but can be requested again after it expires.

The objective of a PDS is to give the user a playground to study and experiment and not to collect any real survey data

Thanks Vitalii.

What happens with no synchronized surveys? Once the PDS is active again and I click to sync the tablets (using the original PDS), will the not-sync surveys be uploaded and appear to export?

Kind regards

Newly created instance of PDS server should not allow to sync old interviews collected on device connected to the previous instance. Device should be cleaned up and reconnected to the new server.

Ok, just to confirm, is there a way to recover those interviews?