Personal Demonstration Servers (PDS)

A gentle reminder to all the PDS servers users: The servers are cleared automatically every 30 days. Do not use them for real data collection!

@sergiy, I am student researcher, new to survey solutions and plan implementing my survey soon after designing the questionnaire.
I will like to find out if there are free servers available and restrictions to that. Can I use PDS for my data collection if I can complete my survey within the 30 days?

Hello David Atinga.

The demonstration servers are not to be used to store any real respondent’s data. Regardless whether it is 30 days or 1 day long survey.

You may wish to contact the IT support team or a computer lab of your university for a consultation on the possibility of setting up and running a server with this software using your department’s equipment/facilities.

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy Thank you for your response. My department is not able to support me because of my jurisdiction (Africa) and their regulations. Not sure of what to do now, at a tight corner. Best regards, David.

Could you please explain? Your own department can’t support you because of their regulations? What are those regulations? What is that department?