Perform calculation from previous answesr for generating following questions

Hi all, I would like to implement following functionality:

I have a question asking the farm size per each fields, and then I would like to sort all fields according to the farm size. Afterwards, I want to populate questions only for two largest fields. Is it possible to implement this in Designer?

Thanks in advance for the support.

yes, possible, you can use the OrderByDescending function (see here: ) or OrderBy() function (see here: )

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Hi Sergiy, thanks for the nice suggestion.
I am just wondering how to implement my roster that only accesses,e.g., the first two largest elements returned from OrderBy function. Can I save the returned list as a global variable and link my roster to the first two elements in that variable? Thanks!

Can I save the returned list as a global variable…?
No you can’t. There is no appropriate type to save it. Unless you come up with serialization/deserialization to a string somehow.

Instead split your roster into two and put a condition on the second roster probing the rowcode is one of the two first ones selected in the result you wanted to save.

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy Thanks so much! I will try out your suggestions. Regards,