Password reset for many accounts

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… there are already dozens of cases per day of supervisors requesting a password change for interviewers or for Interviewers which giving up (quit) and need to be replaced by another new Interviewer. Which is your advice for the management of a team of ~20,000 Interviewers?

For accounts of interviewers that are onboarding, new accounts must be created. A file can be uploaded by the administrator or an HQ user to create these accounts, or API can be used. Subsequently, unfinished work must be reassigned to these new interviewer accounts.

Password resets of the users that continue working, but have forgotten their passwords must be handled by administrator user(s).

A command line utility called support tool may be used to create additional administrator accounts when needed.

The same tool can be used to trigger the password change from a command line. This allows developing a side-system that can be translating web-requests to reset the password into commands to this support tool for password resets of individual users. This must be developed separately. If anyone has encountered the same issue and has already created such a tool, please share.

Best, Sergiy

In addition to the cli password reset capability, users of Python can now do this via ssaw package:

from ssaw import Client, UsersApi

# Only Administrator role can modify users so credentials must be appropriate
# ApiUser role will not be able to do this action (yet)!
c = Client("server url", user_name="admin_user", password="password")
api = UsersApi(c)

api.change_password(user_name="user1", password="new_password")

# like when done from the GUI, after the password change user(s) will
# be asked to change it again when they first log in.

Do yo have any plans to add an endpoint to the Suso REST API (something like /api/v1/users/{id}/changePassword) ?

We have a similar situation, a large team (18,000 interviewers and supervisors) and the request for changing the user password is very frequently.