Password change

Hello good,
Is there a way to change the password of all the enumerators in an environment at the same time, and not have to keep changing one by one?

Thank you

I have never heard of anybody needing this before and can’t imagine the situation where this will be needed. Have they all forgotten their passwords on the same day?

No no, let me explain, the first part of the census we are working on has finished, in a few months it will start again, with the same users but with new people who are hired and it is necessary to reset all the passwords.

  1. Create new accounts for new people that you’ve hired.
  2. Archive the existing accounts for the people who will no longer be part of your teams.

New accounts can be created in bulk (by uploading a file) or via API.
Existing accounts can be archived via the API.

Note that when you archive a supervisor, you are simultaneously archiving all the interviewers of his/her team. If you need to archive everyone - filter users by role==Supervisor, then select page-wise (by 20 users) and archive them at once. If you have a few hundred teams, you should be ready in a few minutes.