Parse error in interviewer app

Parse error> There was a problem parsing the package. Unable to use the interviewer app. Issue cropped up only today.

minimum android version has changed. Is there a way to roll back to use the earlier APK as we are in the middle of a survey

If you have interviewer application already installed on devices you can disable automatic application updates and continue survey on older version of apk. You need to uncheck “Enable automatic updates” in settings of Headquarters application.

Did that and ran into synchronisation issues on multiple devices today

Could you please provide more details? What kind of synchronization issues?

when a form is completed and the completed button is pressed the form disappears from the tabs and the record does not move to the completed tab. We are not able to trace this record on the device. This is happening with multiple users and they are on the current version of the app. Users did not have this problem till yesterday. The server is

Good morning,

our enumerators are having the same problem with sync problems and the form disappearing when the complete button is pressed. The enumerators were using the 19.06 app on Android 7 devices. We have been having sync problems 2 days ago but I thought it was due to the cloud server being updated.


We have the same problem in Uganda and we are wondering whether to stop the interview or not. What is the minimum required Android version.

@andrii says a fix is coming soon and the data is on the device. Fingers crossed and waiting

Issue should be fixed in version 19.07.4 please update interviewer application and restart it to restore interviews that are not appearing on interviewer tablet

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When we try to update the tablet to version 19.07, the same error message “There was a problem while parsing the package” pops up after downloading the update package

19.07 version is supporting android v. 5.0+ please make sure you are using supported android version