Options of MCQ depending on the selected options of the previous MCQ

I am trying to do the following:

  • have a multiselect question that selects all the crops cultivated
  • have a second multiselect to select only the three most “important” crops among the crops selected in the first question

Can you please help me here to either code the possible options of the second question or to restructure differently? Using only one question with the “keep order” option would be a possibility but it is not our preferred choice. Thank you.


that’s a simple application of a filter to the second question. filters are demonstrated e.g. here:
your case is similar to
with limit 3 for the last question.

My doubts however are on the “all crops cultivated” mcq. there is a limit of 200 options for mcq, but number of ALL potential crops could be much higher.


Many thanks. That’s helpful