Options hidden behind the keyboard

We have a survey planned with pre-filled data (few thousand rows) from our previous survey. This is a list of household and then a cascading list of members of the household.

On the web interface, I do not face any issue. But on Android tablets (Both tester app and interviewer app) Some of these options (sometimes app options) are hidden behind the keyboard.

This happens when the question is at the end of the page and there is no more space to scroll down. How can we solve this drop down menu from hiding behind the keyboard?

We had a suggestion of using a floating keyboard to get around this issue. But on this specific question, the number row is displayed instead of the keyboard options.

We are using Samsung Tab A 8.0 2017. Keyboard is Gboard. We tested this on some phones (Samsung, Mi) also with same results.

I don’t think there is a way for you to workaround this issue in 20.08 release. We’ll see if its possible to fix this issue in future releases

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If the Google Keyboard is causing problems, you can turn it into a floating keyboard:
External YouTube video
which can be moved around. You can also inspect the current settings there and see if there is anything that causes the problem in the first place. The exact way how you make it floating or fixed may differ somewhat between the tablets brands and Android versions.

PS: and if you are still at the testing stage, you can probably still modify the questionnaire to add some blanks below this question (at the end of the section) to permit scrolling higher, even if the keyboard can’t be made floating or if it is too cumbersome to explain to interviewers.

For some reason, the option to convert to floating keyboard doesn’t appear in these fields (Pre-filled drop down). The top row is replaced with a number row and the options aren’t available.

But I am able to do it in normal text fields.

I will try adding a few blank questions in the end to see if we can work around this.


Once we set the keyboard to float, it stays that way system wide until you turn it back to normal. That seems to solve the issue. Although this is a work around that will be hard to explain to the field workers. A fix in the future release will be ideal.

The release v20.09 should address this issue.

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