Option Randomization


I am trying to randomize the options of single category question. But, it is not working. How do I do the same? What is the process? The screenshot of the question is attached for reference.

I will be a great support if anybody assist me for resolving the issue.


Kindly show what is not working. What was your input, what was the error message?

I just wanted to equerry that is there any option or possibility that I can create function for OPTIONS randomization? If so, then what is the procedure and what syntax will be used for option randomization?

Pramodcon, the approach to this is to prepare several questions with identical, but randomly sorted options and enable (show) only one of them, while hiding the others. You can pick the version of the question either completely at random with the Quest.IRnd() function or make it defined by something that is essentially random, like the last digit of the hh sampling number. Best, Sergiy