Option for sub-sections to be invisible in Interviewer UI so that several questions can share the same enablement conditions

Use case: Extremely common design pattern: several questions share the same enablement conditions, but the designer does not want them to appear like a subsection on Interviewer (i.e., have button, necessitate up/back navigation to answer questions). In other words, designers want to create some object that groups several questions and that applies a common enablement question to them. In still other terms, designers want something that acts like a sub-section but does not look like a sub-section.

Changes needed:

  • To Designer. Add a tickbox to sub-sections to activate this property.
  • To Interviewer. Draw the sub-section according to this new property. If tickbox selected, draw questions. If tickbox not selected, draw current Interviewer UI.
  • To Headquarter. In questionnaire details, do what Interviewer does above.
  • To Supervisor. In questionnaire details, do what Interviewer does above.

Examples why this matters:

Here are the Designer warning errors from a recent questionnaire. Notice a pattern?

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This is similar to plain-mode roster introduced recently.

Since a roster is in fact a sub-section, it should be sufficient to reveal that property for subsections that are not rosters as well and have a plain-mode sub-section.