Open Source Survey Solutions?

Hi !

Survey Solutions really looks like the best data collection solution out there. It really ticks all the boxes, even some tricky ones (preexisting data, offline maps, etc…) Congratulations for that !!

The FAQ states the software (not including the hosting) will always be free. I also seem to understand it’s possible to install on our own servers (details aren’t provided though).

With this, and considering World Bank’s proven support of open source solutions, is there a chance to see the code released any time soon ?

That would definitely make us more comfortable in adopting it (guarantee of no lock-in, as we may collect sensitive data it’s nice to be able to see what exactly is happening behind the scenes, etc…)

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Thanks much for your positive feedback.

We are actively working towards putting Survey Solutions under OSS licence. There are some legal and bureaucratic obstacles that we are working through, but the prognosis is positive. We hope to see some concrete progress in that direction by the end of this year.

As for the local servers, yes, you can install Survey Solutions on your own server. There is no limitations about that. Please login into our user portal ( and click download menu in the top right corner to download local server installation.




Here I found some relevance discussion for take one of pending decisions on use of the application.

We are going to take up a survey for IFAD assisted project in India. In fact IFAD themseves suggested to use this Survey Solutions. Currently the project is having local server since the project is having component of MIS.

Please suggeste for a smaller sample of around 2000 which is better WB cloud or local server.

Client is under the view that if once it is given to local server then they can act as super admin. Further, assuming that they can also give rights to edit the data by Supervisors for those reports sent by interviewers. (Which will not happen with WB cloud). This will facilitate in saving time by not sending back to interviewers whenever found with small errors as Supervisors are more experienced and qualified than Interviewers.

Wish to place that the Survey Solutions application is excellent to collect quality data.