One question per screen?

Some other CAPI tools I’ve seen have had the actual interviewer interface work so there is only one question at a time on the tablet screen, and the interviewer swipes right or hits a “next” button to get the next question. The aim is to focus them on one question at a time and reduce any little decisions or fine motor control needed during the interview. Is there a way to do this with the interface for Survey Solutions? Or is it perhaps a deliberate decision not to do this, but to let the interviewer scroll backward and forward through the questions on a single screen (within a subsection)?

It is a deliberate decision to keep all of the questions in the section within the interviewer’s view. This helps to put the current answers in the context with the previously recorded ones. In complex surveys where inconsistencies between the answers are quite common, one may need an overview of earlier answers to understand where the error is. The same applies to web interviews where there is no interviewer and the respondent is answering the questionnaire.

There is no special mode to display questions one per screen. But you can lay out your questionnaire with multiple sections and each containing one question. You will get the behavior you describe, including the button to proceed to the next section.

The supervisors that need to read through the whole interview with a large number of sections and 1 question per section will not like this.

With handheld devices there is no guarantee that you can render 1-question per screen. You can get, say, a half, as in case of a categorical question with a hundred items. So scrolling will be required from the interviewers anyways.

Best, Sergiy