On premise services

User Deric Wu has sent us the following questions:

  1. Does survey solution provide on premise services?

Yes. Survey Solutions is developed by the World Bank. If the World Bank is having an active project related to statistics/technical support/capacity building then the Survey Solutions team members may become engaged directly on premises of the client (typically the National Statistical Office or the Central Bank). You can search by country at the above linked portal and narrow down to started or future projects. If there is no currently active project you can contact the World Bank country office in the respective country with an initiative for one.

  1. What database does survey solution using? (e.g Mongo DB/MSSQL)

See #27 here: https://support.mysurvey.solutions/getting-started/faq-for-it-personnel/
Specifically, users should not make assumptions about a particular database used by the Survey Solutions. It may and will change, without notice and without any promise of compatibility/support.

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