Offline interviewer can't connect to a new supervisor after being moved to a different team

Hello, the supervisor of our interviewer A was changed from Sup1 to Sup2. It is getting recognised on the HQ and on the online account of A but when I try to sync Sup2 and A, both the tablets are not able to. In fact, Sup2’s tablet has received the assignment directly assigned to A but still A is not recognising Sup2’s tablet as its supervisor. Both of them are connected to wifi and bluetooth.

Kindly suggest what could be the problem.

Dear @vkpl ,

the problem is really because the Interviewer’s tablet that works disconnected knows absolutely nothing about what you’ve done on the server - that you’ve moved him/her to a different team.

This affects the handshake process: the interviewer continues to seek for his/her original supervisor, and disregards the new supervisor, of whom he/she has no info. So that will not succeed. (at least in the current implementation).

I read the above as “Both of them have wifi and bluetooth enabled”, otherwise it’s a contradiction.

If the interviewer has some data on the tablet, try to logout and sign in online on the tablet (same procedure as when you forget your password): Interviewer Password Reset
This hasn’t been tested afaik, so the new supervisor may get unexpected data from the interviewer. Thus, if the interviewer has no data on the tablet, the easiest is to clear data on the tablet, then reinitialize it with the server.

Hope this helps!

Best, Sergiy

PS: I have revised the title of this thread to better reflect the nature of the problem, not to confuse it with unrelated status of interview (Completed, Approved, Rejected, etc).

Dear Sergiy, thank you for your response. I figured something of the similar nature might be of the problem. We uninstalled and re-installed the application and logged in again and that solved the issue. But we will keep in mind the logout- online sign in procedure in mind going forward. Thanks again for the quick response and consideration!