Numeric Roster, no. of row based on total of two input numbers

How to fix the roster row number based on the summation of two numeric question.
Example no of female and no of male and fix the number of rows based on their total

As far as I can tell, this is not possible. A numeric roster can only be triggered by a single question.

If you want to execute your roster as described in your scenario, you would have to ask the Interviewers to manually enter the total (sum of males + females) in a separate question. This would then be used to trigger the question.

Survey Solutions does support calculated variables (to store a summation, for example, so that it does not have to entered manually), but these variables cannot be used as sources for rosters.

And then what? Ask “How old is female Nr 17?” Which respondent will remember the first 16 they talked already? What if you can’t collect information about all of them during the first visit and have to come back again? What if you have a different respondent in the next visit? Totally not practical for this usage.

What is this survey?

I think it is better to ask the total number of household members first, and then ask the number of specific sub groups (male, female etc.). However the numeric question for the number of roster rows is the number of all household members.

Nevertheless if you provide a short description on how you have structured your questionnaire, and why you would like to design your questionnaire this way, then it would also be possible to provide you a more concrete advise.