Numbering of IDs assigned by Survey Solutions to the roster items

Good day SS team,

We have currently noticed that the person roster (listing members) ID has two different starting point. Whilst some household start listing their persons (Roser_Id) at 0, some start at 1 (Two different questionnaires in the same survey i.e. in the same export file). Any idea what could be the cause of the inconsistency in the same export file?


The generated ID identifies a person in the household and may be used to merge data in different exported data files.

No assumptions should be made about particular values except that the items with smaller indices have earlier (upper) position in the list.

It is specifically not to be expected :

  • the IDs to start with a particular value, and/or
  • the IDs to have no gaps in enumeration.


ID             NAME
5              John
75             Mary
123254         Peter

is a valid output. If this is causing any inconvenience, renumber the items (members) after exporting (mind the linked questions!).

Best, Sergiy

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Thank you for the clarification Sergiy, will work on re-numbering the output.

Best regards