Number of kilometers traveled

Hello everybody. I need to get the number of kilometers traveled by the interviewer on an assignment. Will there be a way to generate that information?
Example: The interviewer must go to 3 places from point A to B are 10 km. From point B to C it is 20 km. Total of km are 30. That value is obtained. I hope they can help. Greetings,

Hello @amix, he first needs to go to A. And we don’t know from where. Presumably from his home, the location of which we don’t know.

If you are interested in just the distance between the households visited (which is not the total distance travelled) you can calculate that using the GPS location points in a GIS package. In practice however, the interviewers will make multiple visits to households and return home or to their base at some points, which you don’t observe.

Hi Sergiy, thanks for the reply. In this case, the interviewer goes through various places, without returning to his home. At the beginning of the assignment, geolocate your location.